Thursday, March 31, 2016

Last Day For Campaign 8 Orders!!

Today is the last day for Campaign 8. And just as a quick reminder, I have two deals going on this time. If you place an order, you are automatically entered into my spa package giveaway. And if you refer a friend and they place a campaign 8 order, your name will be entered again. What you could win is Skin So Soft Original bath oil spray, body lotion, hand cream and shower gel!
And if your order is $60+ whether through my estore or myself, you will receive your choice of one of these Anew Skin Care trial size kits below for FREE:

Here are some more great deals for campaign 8 to be had:

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Product Overview: Anew Clinical Products

Today I want to tell you about some Anew Clinical Products. And for campaign 8 (ending on Thursday), Avon has a great deal on these nine products. You can mix or match and get any 2 for $36. Which is a fabulous deal!

Anew Skinvincible protects skin from the environmental elements and repairs the appearance of age damage. It is fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin. During the day, use the Anew Clinical Skinvincible Multi-Shield Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50. This contains Avon's most advanced antioxidants to protect the skin and 24 hour moisturization. And it has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use. Overnight, use Anew Clinical Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream. This has a formula with SmartRepair Technology which visibly repairs the wrinkles you  once thought couldn't be improved. These two products used together in clinical studies have shown that 100% of women showed improved tone, texture, and clarity in their skin.

 Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector is used if you are noticing discoloration, dullness, uneven skin tone and loss of radiance. The powerful formula with DSX-7 Technology dramatically reduces the look of 7 types of discolorations.


The Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System contains injectable-grade arginine. This tightens the look of your entire eye area instantly. Improves the sagging, drooping and crinkling around the eye area. It provides a dramatic lift within 7 days.

 The Overnight Hydration Mask deeply replenishes lost moisture and replumps the look of skin overnight. It contains encapsulated hyaluronic acid and shea butter beads. This ultra lightweight gel mask boosts skin's moisture by 3X.  It has been clinically shown to deliver 48 hours of hydration overnight.

 The Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream is for women who want to visibly lift, tighten and firm sagging skin. The formula with Triple Sonic Technology provides a visible lifting, firming and tightening in just 3 days.

 The Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum contains a formula with patent-pending PolyPeptide Lift Complex. This visibly tightens, defines, firms, and contours skin that looks more youthful. The four targeted zones are the cheeks, chin, jawline and jowls.

 The Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is specifically for the under-eye dark circles. 93% of women saw the look of dark circles dramatically reduced.

The Retexturizing Peel is a one step, at home peel that exfoliates to visibly retexturize and resurface skin, leaving it smooth, even and refreshed.

The Advanced Wrinkle Corrector is for women noticing more serious signs of aging such as loss of elasticity, fine-lines and wrinkles. It's formula with 4D Wrinkle-Reverse Technology plumps the look of lines and wrinkles while visibly improving elasticity and resilience. Based on clinical studies, the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles are improved by 28% over time.

You can order these wonderful Anew Clinical products on my estore:

Or go to the home page of my blog and click on the campaign 8 book on the right side.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recruiting! Would You Like To Earn A Little Extra Money?


Curious? Take 3 brochures from me and experiment with your own business in 3 easy steps:

1) Share the brochures with everyone.
Ask family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors for orders.

2) Follow up and take their orders
within three days of giving out the brochures.

3) Contact Me!
For $15, you can start your own Avon Business, place those orders and start earning! New Avon Representatives enjoy a 40% DISCOUNT with a $100 order of beauty products. What does this mean for you? You will earn $40 for every $100 qualifying order you place. Do this each time for your first four campaigns & you will also earn $100 of free beauty products.

How do you get started? Contact me via email at and I will get you on your way!

Monday, March 28, 2016

7 Sins For Your Skin

Signs of aging generally don't begin appearing until after the age of 30. But when they do, there are ways of keeping those signs, such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven coloring, loss of elasticity, etc, at bay for longer and give your skin a more youthful look.


1) Photoaging is aging specifically caused by UV rays. The sun's exposure dries the skin, slows down cell renewal, and thickens the epidermis. These lead to fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Avoid the sun during peak hours if possible and always use sunscreen daily.
2) What happens when you smoke? It will deprive the skin of nutrients and oxygen which will leave the skin looking dull and lifeless. Free radicals from smoking will weaken collagen and elasticity, accelerating the aging process.
3) When you get enough restorative sleep, you give your skin time to rejuvenate and repair. Stress and a lack of sleep causes dryness, sensitivity, excess oil and acne. Be sure to get enough sleep and keep the stress level down as much as possible.
4) Free radicals in the air via pollution causes the same as smoking. Pollutants in the air will coat the skin with grime and this causes your pores to be blocked. So, it is important to cleanse your skin daily.
5) Do you know you make over 15,000 facial expressions each day? Well, these can cause damage to the skin. Obviously we are not going to stop our facial expressions as this happens without us even realizing we are doing it most times. Just know that over time the constant movement of facial muscles loosens the skin fibers. This is another reason to care for our skin.

6) The more nutrient dense your diet is, the healthier your skin will be. Fast food, sugar and empty calories will do havoc on your skin. Foods to eat  are the ones rich in the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

7) Did you know the way you sleep can increase the appearance of wrinkles? It sure does.  Sleeping face down creates creasing in your forehead. Sleeping on your side will cause lines on your chin and cheeks. Sleeping on the back is the best way to sleep to prevent lines.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Recruiting! Need Extra Money???

Avon is always recruiting new representatives. Why is it so fabulous to work for Avon? Personally for me, 1) I get to try out and fall in love with their great products! 2) I get to meet new people! 3) I can make some extra money! 4) Avon has a long standing history that upholds itself. 130 years!! 5) They offer a scholarship to their representatives each year for college. How cool is that? $4000 for full time!!

Here are some more reasons to join Avon today!:

1) It is only $15 to join. That is it! I know, you are thinking "But I have to buy products, brochures, etc". In your start up kit, Avon sends you several of the current brochure, a What's New catalog exclusively for Avon representatives to review upcoming product information, exclusive ordering opportunities, and helpful selling tips, two full size products, and some samples along with all the information to kick start your Avon journey!

2) Earn free full size products bundle for 4 consecutive $100 on time orders plus after the 5th on time $100 or more order is placed, you earn a $100 bonus. And on the first 4 orders, you earn 40% commission on what you sell $100 and over!

3) You can be your own boss and work out of your home. You make your own hours and you decide how much you earn. The more you get the brochure in others hands, the more chance of getting new great customers to buy (and even possibly sell) Avon.

4) Get your own FREE online Avon estore that you can customize to YOUR preference. People who order from your store will have their order shipped directly to their door. Avon does everything for you!

5) You can work toward Leadership, which is even more earning potential. And if you mentor your team members on how to sell, that's even more money!

6) Earn reward points for every order to use toward purchasing some fabulous items!

If you would like to find out more about becoming a representative or if you are ready to take the plunge, feel free to contact me at

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Avon Spring Living is Here!!

There are SO many fabulous deals in this quarter of Avon Living! And just in time for Spring. You can find the full catalog on my main blog page to the right. Here's a peek:

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Campaign 8 is Here!!

See the full brochure here
And the feature is Avon's Signature Collection! The outfit above? I attended my division's Spring Rally and saw two women fabulously wearing it.

My Campaign 8 Deal for My Customers

 I love my Avon Anew Ultimate Day and Night creams. LOVE! I can't boast enough about this amazing product line. After over a month of using them, my skin feels WONDERFUL!! And you know what? I want you to try it too.

Want to try Avon's Anew? Exclusively for Campaign 8 (beginning today) if you place a $60 or more order with me whether it is through my estore or with me (I do take credit, debit, PayPal, cash, or check), I will gift you with one of these packages. Say what?????

That's right. I believe in this product that much!! Together, we will figure out which one is best for you to try out. As you can see the value of this is so worth it! I can attest that Anew works. And let me tell you, this trial kit will last you at least one month. Look below. This is my full size Anew Ultimate Day Cream. I use two small "dabs", one for each side of my face. That is all I need. This is thick and creamy. As you can see, I've barely put a dent in the top of the jar. That is after a full month. This is how I know these trial sizes I am giving away will last at least that long.

How can it get any better? Well let me tell you! If you order through my estore today or Sunday and use the code REVERSIBLE when checking out, you will also receive a FREE reversible tote also ($60+ order). And don't forget the FREE shipping to go along with ALL of this!!

So what are you waiting for? Go shopping!! Check out my brochure on the main page of my blog.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Campaign 7 Deals Still Available

Campaign 7 is still going! Last day to order is March 17th. Check out these great deals:

Buy One Get One FREE: Haiku, Far Away Gold, Avon Instinct For Her, Rare Gold, Rare Pearls, Rare Amethyst, Rare Diamonds, Imari, Imari Seduction, and Imari Elixir

Also Haiku Kyoto Flower is only $9.99. If you don't like overpowering scents and love a light floral scent, this one is for you!

Anew Clinical Fabulous Prices. Great time to try it out!

Also, Anew Power Serum for $40. This is a wonderful value.

Who doesn't love Skin So Soft?? Grab their 11.8 fl oz body lotion for only $4.49!! Pick from these:
Supreme Nourishment
Firm and Restore
Signature Silk
Soft and Sensual

And then there's Avon Senses Body Lotion for only $3.99. This is a STEAL!! Choose from these:
Pretty Passionfruit and Peony
Silky Vanilla
Energizing Green Tea and Verbena
Juicy Pomegranate and Mango
Fresh Cucumber and Melon
Blushing Cherry Blossom
Vibrant Orchid and Blueberry
Sunny Strawberry and Guava
Playful Pink Daisy and Lemon

Go to my estore to shop for these and all of campaign 7's fabulous deals!
Today and tomorrow (March 12-13) over on my estore when you spend $50+ order, you will receive a Watch Me Shine watch FREE!