Monday, March 21, 2016

Recruiting! Need Extra Money???

Avon is always recruiting new representatives. Why is it so fabulous to work for Avon? Personally for me, 1) I get to try out and fall in love with their great products! 2) I get to meet new people! 3) I can make some extra money! 4) Avon has a long standing history that upholds itself. 130 years!! 5) They offer a scholarship to their representatives each year for college. How cool is that? $4000 for full time!!

Here are some more reasons to join Avon today!:

1) It is only $15 to join. That is it! I know, you are thinking "But I have to buy products, brochures, etc". In your start up kit, Avon sends you several of the current brochure, a What's New catalog exclusively for Avon representatives to review upcoming product information, exclusive ordering opportunities, and helpful selling tips, two full size products, and some samples along with all the information to kick start your Avon journey!

2) Earn free full size products bundle for 4 consecutive $100 on time orders plus after the 5th on time $100 or more order is placed, you earn a $100 bonus. And on the first 4 orders, you earn 40% commission on what you sell $100 and over!

3) You can be your own boss and work out of your home. You make your own hours and you decide how much you earn. The more you get the brochure in others hands, the more chance of getting new great customers to buy (and even possibly sell) Avon.

4) Get your own FREE online Avon estore that you can customize to YOUR preference. People who order from your store will have their order shipped directly to their door. Avon does everything for you!

5) You can work toward Leadership, which is even more earning potential. And if you mentor your team members on how to sell, that's even more money!

6) Earn reward points for every order to use toward purchasing some fabulous items!

If you would like to find out more about becoming a representative or if you are ready to take the plunge, feel free to contact me at

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