Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Recruiting For Avon

I started my Avon Journey at the end of January and I have to say I am loving it! I've always loved Avon's products. My mom and sisters used to order all the time. My mom's favorite was, of course, Foot Works. She swore by it and her feet showed it. The saying is "The proof is in the pudding". Well, I believe that wholeheartedly. I don't believe I can sell a product or service unless I can truly stand behind it and have proof myself that it works. I am sure there are lots of others out there that believe the same thing.

Every product I have tried so far with Avon, I can stand behind 100%. And I believe you can too.

Not too sure yet about taking the journey with Avon? Let's talk about what it takes to sell Avon.

1) It only costs $15 to begin. I can hear you now. "Yeah, sure Donna. How about those products you have to buy to display?" Well, you don't have to. But should you choose, the discounts are fabulous. Quite personally, I have not really invested a whole lot of money so far. Yes, I've bought brochures. I believe that in itself is a sound investment. And it really isn't that much for 100 brochures per campaign. After my first sales, I earned my commission and used that money to buy some samples and a couple products to try out. After all, I can't sell something I know nothing about. Back to the initial $15 start up. With that $15, you will get some brochures for you to hand out to family, friends, co-workers, and businesses around your area. You will also receive some samples and a couple of full size products either to sell or try yourself. And you get your own website store! You can literally start selling as soon as you get your start up kit. I say that is a sound investment just to try it out.

2) You only need to sell $50 in order to begin making money. If you know two people who would like to order, that could be an easy $50 order. I have one customer who bought $91 in one sitting! In your first 4 campaigns if you place a minimum of a $100 order each time, you will receive 40% in commission. And you will receive some free products also.

3) You can preview new products before they come out. And there are some fabulous products up for preview. And also you get the chance to stock up on some great deals before they hit the next campaign.

4) Avon has teamed with Sprint, Town and Country, Dell and others to offer some good deals on your business needs. For example, Town and Country has office supplies including business cards, decals for your vehicle, totes....all sorts of good deals. They also have a link to medical insurance if you need that also.

If you would like to try Avon out, you can sign up here

If you want to look around my Avon estore to see the products and various offers click here

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